Rim & tyre care

Wash, clean, maintain & seal

Restore tyre shine with professional cleaning agents, Rim Brushes and rim cleaners

The Wheels of a car are like a person's shoes - often neglected but important.

Meanwhile rims are more in focus and there is a wide variety of Wheels to choose from, some of them being individual masterpieces. Thus, there is a perfect harmony where the beauty of the vehicle components is expressed to perfection.

But as with shoes, the same applies here as well: care is needed to preserve the original beauty - and here also safety!

Trust our know-how and Swissvax products so that your car will present itself the way you want it to - simply perfect.

Wheel care done right

For a correct and thorough cleaning of the rims and the subsequent sealing, proceed as follows:

Spray our Wheel Spray Forte on the rims and distribute the liquid using the SWISSVAX Wheel Brush.

To clean the rim base, also use the Wheel Spray Forte and here either the Speed Master Combo brushes or the Wheel Woolies.  With both sets you can reach the most difficult parts of the rim.

As soon as the Wheel Spray Forte has turned purple, it can be rinsed off with clear water and/or with our microfibre Micro-Wash cloth (yellow). The rims can now be dried with a Micro-Dry cloth.

In order to avoid rapid re-soiling (especially in winter), it is recommended to seal the rims with Autobahn wax containing PTFE. For this purpose, the rims are coated with a thin layer of wax and wiped off with the Micro-Polish microfibre cloth (blue).

To ensure that the tyres are not neglected, they are nourished and shine with our tyre care product Pneu, sprayed or applied more specifically with the tyre brush or the anthracite Hand Puck.

For all white wall tyre owners we recommend cleaning with Pneu White for a blossom white appearance! For subsequent shine, our tyre care Pneu is sprayed on, which is also suitable for whitewall tyres.